Web Access


AttachView  v.1.0

When you use Outlook Web Access to send and view attachments, the files are left in the Temporary Internet Files folder of the browser on the local computer, where they can be accessed by anyone.

Traffic Inspector  v.

An integrated gateway solution that implements web access control, network security, antivirus protection, spam filtering, traffic accounting and billing, traffic shaping and advanced routing, remote administration, logging and reports.


MSWe client for Outlook We Access  v.b

MSWeb is a client for Microsoft's Outlook Web Access (OWA).

MobileWebServer  v.

Your personal Mobile Web Server allows worldwide Web access to pictures, music and other files stored on USB flash, iPod, PocketPC, Smartphone or in a directory of your hard disk.

Cyfin  v.8.0

An Internet monitoring proxy server, Cyfin Proxy combines Web access monitoring with the industry's best user-activity reporting in one high-performance, low-cost solution.

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus  v.4.0

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange Servers.

Microsoft Exchange Server Reporting and Email Traffic Tracking Tool - ManageEngine Exchange Reporter  v.4.1

Exchange Reporter Plus is a web-based analysis and reporting solution for Microsoft Exchange Servers. It is comprehensive and complete MS Exchange reporting software that provides over 100 different reports on every aspect of MS Exchange Server.

TSplus 2011  v.

TSplus 2011 on XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 2003/2008 and SBS provides Multiple Sessions, Load Balancing, Universal Printer, Seamless Remote Application, Application Control, security, TS WEB, support of 32 bit color, dual-screen, bi-directional sound, USB

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere for VSS  v.6.2

SourceAnywhere for VSS is the fastest VSS plugin for internet and cross-platform access.


PDFIndexCut - A dll for your pdf-files... Royalty free! For a really fast web access! You can use it with delphi, vb(a), C, C++ and all other well known programming environments (.NET, too!). Please try it before you buy. The dll splits the big

Netintelligence Home Edition

Netintelligence gives you the ability to filter and customize web access for your children, record all instant messaging conversations, set and monitor time spent on your computers, both on and off line and prevent harmful viruses - in one easy to use

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